Montage of Photographs

The Harvest Moon Ride

AKA "The Feier Drill"

It was my honor and priveledge to be invited to join a pair of brothers who lived in Salida to ride from morning darkness to evening darkness on a "big lap" course created by the younger brother, Matt. This was done on the day of the full moon, Sunday, September 18, 2005.

We started with pre-dawn coffee at Matt's house in Salida, rolled out to Blanks Cabin, then rode the Colorado Trail all the way to Cottonwood Creek, then down into Buena Vista where we got a diner lunch and took on water. Then we headed into the Arkansas Hills, crossing Bassam Park, Aspen Ridge, and down Ute Trail into Salida from the northeast. We got home about 90 minutes after it got totally dark. And the moon did not rise until we no longer needed it!

Good times.

GPX for this ride: HERE

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